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Curious Grocer by DiscoverKL

Cooking and food are arguably few of the more gratifying experiences in life and one startup to wisely take advantage of this is Curious Grocer. Curious Grocer started off as a platform where Malaysians could get their groceries delivered to them. But in a market that is saturated with e-grocers, they have all the more reason to find a means to stand out. They have since changed their business model to offer quality ingredients to individuals and restaurants, as well as host occasional private dining sessions. Enter Curious Dinners. It is a private dining session open exclusively to the team’s restaurant and business partners as well as private guests. Dining in requires reservation, which is to be made in advance. As the...

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Curious Grocer by Vulcan Post

Between cuts of Iberico, Wagyu beef, and a bottle olive oil for RM45, Curious Grocer holds no illusions about appealing to a mass market. If they did, they wouldn’t be hosting dinner sessions for RM220 to RM350 per head after all. When we came across Curious Grocer some months ago, we thought that they were meant to sell high-end grocery items. And to a certain extent, Curious Grocer does tap into that side of the market. But upon a conversation with co-founder Andrew, we discovered that what they want to focus on is the dining experience. Click the link to read the full article at

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